Get Involved

This project aims to incorporate ideas and talent from a wide community. Although we are based in San Diego, we have partners in cities throughout California. If you are interested in contributing in some way, please fill out our contact form. We’ve identified several avenues you might want to take! These are detailed below, but we are also totally open to hearing any new, crazy ideas you might have!!

Donate $$

You can make a tax-deductible gift to Ocean Tunnel here! We are fiscally sponsored by the Burning Man Project, yew!

Donate equipment

We’re all about reusing, the recycling, and up-cycling! If you have items you’d like to lend or donate, please send us an email at
Things we know we need include:
Acrylic or latex paints, brushes, canvas drop cloths
Deco flex tubing, silicon
Earth anchors, plywood, galvanized metal rope, para-cord
Work gloves, LED saftey cones, reflective tape, magnetic rake
Honda EU2000i generator, fuel cans
LED rope lights, solar lights, extension cords, LED spot lights
Plastic storage bins, trash cans,  bungee balls

Collect recyclables

We need #2 HDPE plastic (milk jugs etc) and wire hangers. Collect them personally and bring ’em to CoLab OR get ambitious and host a recycling drive!

Join a Fundraising team

If you have experience with event planning–or if you have a creative idea for a fundraising event–join our fundraising team!

Current fundraising efforts include:
IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign
Organizing sponsorship nights at local breweries
Spin party at Trilogy Space
Live Mural Painting event

Attend a Fundraising party in San Diego

If you’re not the planning type but would be interested in coming to one of fundraising events, join our general listserv or follow us on Facebook!

Documenting the Ocean Tunnel story (film and photo)

Help us produce media about the Ocean Tunnel process!
We’re looking for people to:
Live stream coverage of Ocean Tunnel events on social media
Produce polished documentary snippets about the project
Take photos of the build process (or contribute Ocean-related works!)

ParticipatE in pre-burn Build Days in San Diego

Sew, grommet, and prime canvases
Design and build the giant “easel”
Paint the CoLab mural section(s)
Use the CNC router* to cut bike racks and signage
Use the Laser Cutter* to etch information and make Ocean Tunnel trinkets
Melt plastic, bend wire, play with silicon and attach deco flex tubing to create dangling jellyfish

Paint and Craft

You don’t have to attend Build Days to contribute your artistic talents! Let us know your ideas and availability!

Design lighting

Spot lighting, interior lighting, you name it. Have an idea for interactive lighting? Join the lighting team!

Become Lead Muralist for a section of the tunnel

The intention is for each tunnel section to contain a mural painted by a different artist or group.  Currently, 4 of the 8 canvas sections are designated, but we are looking for four more artists to hold the vision for a 23’x24′ mural. You need not be based in San Diego, necessarily! The OT team can prep and send a canvas to your group wherever you are. If you prefer to come to us, we’d love to host you and set you up with a work space! Contact to start the conversation.


Join (or lead!) the BM2018 Build Crew

Get early access to the Playa and be a part of the construction of the city! Seeking experienced Burners to act as Installation lead.

Join (or lead!) the BM2018 Strike Crew

It’s not over until the fat lady sings. Stick it out to the bitter end and know the satisfaction of bringing this project to completion.

Become OT’s on-playa LNT Coordinator

The most important role! Ensure that Ocean Tunnel complies with Burning Man’s strict and wonderful Leave No Trace policy. Keep Ocean Tunnel out of the ocean.

Coordinate science outreach

Produce content for signage in the lounge. Coordinate speakers and discussions about the ocean, the environment, and Earth’s well-being. Up for interpretation–make it our own!

Host a talk, round
table, discussion, etc. at the Burn

If you have expertise or passion for ocean issues or conservation, join our lineup. Help us start and continue the conversation around conserving our

Join OT’s host camp: Camp Above The Limit

Looking for a theme camp to get involved with? ATL is a humble, home-grown theme camp that would love to take on homeless contributors.