About the Project

Project Description

Ocean Tunnel is a 200-ft-long walking tunnel designed for installation at Burning Man in August 2018. In this structure, participants walk beneath a painted canvas and among hanging sculptures that create an underwater experience of the open ocean. The artwork reflects changing ocean conditions:  a pure blue ocean filled with schools of big fish transitions to a green, gelatinous soup. Participants push through a thick curtain of suspended jellyfish at the end. Just outside is an atrium filled with lounge areas, information, and open canvas space on which participants are invited to draw and write their reactions and ideas.

**Architectural Drawings courtesy of Derek Lange.

  1. cause a tangible and impactful experience of mankind’s effect on the ocean,
  2. inform and spark conversations about altering the predictable future, and
  3. provide a platform for sharing reactions, thoughts, and ideas with a worldwide community.